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    CED-Group achieves

    The CED-Group trains and advises professionals in education and child care. Together with practical environments, we develop innovative educational products. That is what we do. What makes us unique is our passion for education, education that provides children with opportunities. But most of all, we are proud of our results. Because at the CED-Group, we go for results: if with our help, professionals can succeed in bringing out the best in children, we have really achieved something.

    What drives us?
    The more than 200 professionals who work for this organisation share the same passion: they want to make a positive and high-quality contribution to the development of children, youth and adults, and their achievements in school. They do this based on the conviction that everyone has the right to develop their talents. Whether it’s a toddler who is discovering the world around him, a gifted, regular, or weak pupil, a pupil with social-emotional problems or behavioural problems, or a drop-out wanting a second chance. They all deserve to be surrounded by people who can unlock their skills and help them to grow.

    Who do we work for?
    We work for a wide range of clients throughout the Netherlands: early childhood education and child care organisations, schools and school boards in (special) primary education, special education, secondary education, senior secondary vocational education and training (VET) and adult education.
     We also regularly provide services to cities, WSNS partnerships, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and occasionally to businesses.

    What do we do?
    The CED-Group helps education facilities and child care to innovate and focuses
    on the growth of employees in the workplace. We supervise, support, train and coach professionals in education in themes such as language, mathematics, didactic methods, learning achievements, result-oriented work methods, social skills and appropriate education. The CED-Group also develops methods and curriculums. The organisation develops educational products and services based on evidence-based principles and always in collaboration with practical environments.

    What have we developed?
    In recent decades, the CED-Group has developed many teaching methods and educational materials that have found their way to thousands of users in the Netherlands and Flanders. A selection of the products that have been developed:

    Nieuwsbegrip: a programme through which pupils in primary and secondary education improve their reading comprehension and extend their vocabulary. A website is part of the programme, containing weekly new and up-to-date texts and assignments.
    Newswise: a programme for reading comprehension for English based on current topics, with a focus on vocabulary expansion. Newswise is based on the Nieuwsbegrip approach.
    Teach Like a Champion: successful concept from the US with which teachers can use 62 techniques to bring out the best in their students. Translated to the Dutch situation and usable in daily primary and secondary education.
    Breinsleutels: how can you as a teacher adapt your didactic methods to the newest insights in neuropsychology? Breinsleutels help you gain access to your students’ brains.
    De Vreedzame School: a programme for social skills and democratic citizenship, in which children are raised to become responsible and active members
    of the community.
    Taakspel (Teasel): this is a group-based approach through which pupils learn to comply better with rules in the classroom.

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